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We are in the Official Campsite

To rent this tent you must have previously purchased the festival ticket, so you will not be able to access Glamping without your access to the festival.



A Pop Up Hotel in the heart of the event.

Don't carry & pitch the tent anymore.

Best Location

We arrive at the event before anyone else and we select the best camping area, you will never fight for a place to set up the tent.

Official campsite

We are the Official Glamping of the event and we are in the official camping, you must also buy the event ticket.

Added value services

Security, cleaning, mattresses, sheets... Choose the type of tent better suits you.


Check in and Online deposit to eliminate the access and exit queues.

Flashlight & Padlock Gift


Iced Bucket with Welcome bottle at your arrival with a DELUXE TENT.

Reception 24/7, we take care of you all the time.


Easy Tents

Double layer tents, for two people, 2,10cmx2,25cm, equipped with quilted floor, with 3 yoga mat of 10mm inside.
With flashlight and padlock gift.


Easy Deluxe

Comfortable tents for 1 or 2 people, equipped with inflatable mattress and full bed set. With flashlight and padlock gift.
Breakfast included, fruit, pastry, cofee, tea...
With flashlight and padlock gift.

Last Year at WarmUp...



In a Football court

Artificial Grass and using the bathrooms of the locker Room.

Location is great, inside the artficial grass football court.

in May it can rain, be carefull about the weather predictions before to come.

Glamping Baths and Showers will be the ones of the locker room, real bathrooms, no chemichal ones.  

How does it works?

Verify that you are allowed to book in the Glamping zone, WARM UP requires the purchase of additional tickets such as the event ticket.

Book yourtent for your event this season, right here or on the official event page. Choose the most appropriate according to your needs.

Check In, a couple of months before the event you will receive an email to fill in the check-in form with the occupants' data and your arrival times or location preferences.

Deposit, few days before the event, you will receive an email to pay the deposit. It is a warranty of € 40 per tent that is returned after the event.

You arrive at the 24 hours service of reception and they will take you to your tent and they will give you your Glamping wristband, your flashlight and your padlock.

During the event our 24/7 reception staff will help you to maintain the tents. Is our Mission to ensuring the safety and cleanliness of the area.

In case of adverse weather conditions, we will do our best to help you, in those cases "it rains for everyone" and you have to be patient.

Check Out, with the deposit paid online, get one of our employees to verify the tent and you can leave, fast. This year we are giving the flashlight & the padlock as a Souvenir.

We fully refund the deposit in 99.08% of cases, unless you intentionally break the tent or lack important things such as sheets or mattresses.

This year we are giving the flashlight & the padlock as a Souvenir.