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It sometimes happens that the weather conditions are adverse, strong storms, cold, strong gusts of wind, rains or the heat in summer can make sleeping in a tent is a difficult test for everyone.  


If you come to Glamping and see that the night temperatures will be low, especially in spring and autumn, bring thick pajamas and a sleeping bag. Sometimes the weather gives us unpleasant surprises.

If it rains, or it will rain, do not let any object from inside the tent touch the walls, because you will be creating a waterway. Water always finds the shortest path to our belongings.

When there are storms, there is always a percentage of tents that gets water inside, from Glamping we will try to relocate, scour the tent, pitch another tent or any other solution within reach, but we must be aware that it is not a Hotel, it is a tent. And we depend on the weather.

The Wind can break the tent, if that happens we will try, as far as possible, to relocate to another tent or change the damaged part. Sometimes is not possible.

When the weather is adverse, we are many fighting against the elements, we try to be all patients, and we will solve the cases one by one.

At Glamping we are here to help you, if you need any extra, like a blanket or cleaning supplies or you are in an emergency, from reception we will always do our best to help you.