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Enjoy Glamp├Čng in your Favorite Event!


Bell Tents

Premium Accommodation

If you want to go to a festival but don't feel like carrying and pitching a tent, the Glamping Co. fully equipped Bell Tent is your premium accommodation solution. With added services as breakfast buffet, courtesy/welcome drink and its fully equipped beds to make your stay an exceptional experience.

English colonial style tent ready to use (16 feet diameter). It has a capacity for lodging up to 4 people during the whole festival.

A breakfast buffet is offered which includes fruit, coffee, infusions, milk, juices and pastry, everyday during the festival, from 9:00 h. to 12:00 h.

- Single or double, depending on users choice, double thickness auto inflatable mattresses (specify when doing the check in, otherwise it will be single matress)
- Bedding, which includes: Sheets, Duvet and Duvet cover, Pillow, and Pillow case
- Artificial grass floor coating
- Battery LED light
- Combination padlock
- Acces to the breakfast buffet every day during the festival from 9:00h to 12:00h.
- Complimentary iced bottle the event main day

Easy Tent

It's not worth it to Carry a Tent anymore

The Glamping Company offers you already pitched tents, for two or four people in the Glamping Area inside the festival, where you can accommodate and enjoy in complete comfort your favourite event. No need to carry and pitch the tent, and no fights for a piece of ground in acceptable conditions. We have everything ready for you, you only need to have fun when you arrive!

- Padded floor
- Battery LED light
- Combination padlock
- Good vibes

Easy Deluxe Doble

 Deluxe Equipment for 2 people

Bringing to you the Bell Tent's comfort for a double occupancy. Easy Tent provided with two single inflatable matresses (2x70cm) or a double matress (140cm) for two people occupancy, allowing you to sleep with total confort and privacy. The perfect option for couples or 2 friends.

With this option you will sleep with the bell tent confort and in the morning enjoy the breakfast buffet, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Fruit, coffee, infusions, milk, juices and pastry are included in this buffet, every day during the festival from 9:00h to 12:00h.

- 2 Single mattress (2x70cm) or 1 double (140cm).
- Full linen package which includes: Cotton sheet, duvet, duvet cover, pillow and pillowcase.
- Battery LED light.
- Combination padlock.
- Acces to the breakfast buffet every day during the festival from 9:00h to 12:00h.

We are in the Official Campsite

To Rent this shop you must have previously purchased the festival tickets with access to the official camping area. Glamping is located within the camping area, so you will not be able to access Glamping without your access to the festival's official camping area.